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I'm not trying to be a smartass, I really want to know.

Ok so someone tell me what the fudge is the deal with marriage today? It's an old out dated custom we continue for what..romantic purposes? Have you ever planned a wedding? I've had many friends who have and one put herself in the hospital doing it, not very romantic. Oh and lets not forget the HOUSE they could have bought with that goddamn money they spent on ONE day! Any other thing where you spent that much money in one day and people would say you were crazy. Ok so legal? WHAT!? Are you crazy? Legal what? You get a divorce which you will, and depending on who is broke you lose half your goddamn money! Oh ok so theres those ignorants who will say "But Leah you need the piece of paper to protect yourself and your assets." Oh right, so when you are in divorce court being taken to the CLEANERS tell me how the paper protected you. We base too much these days on paper. Be with someone cuz you want to be not cuz your legally BOUND. But your relationship isn't legal in the eyes of our government? Well fuck me. Yes it is. After so many years depending on whatstate you are in, they have what they refer to as common law marriage. Check your state you might be married right now and not know it. And come on! ANY legal documents you want can be drawn up today. Go to a lawyer and say "Whats mine is mine and blah blah and if I die or he dies blah blah." Then when you decide to leave each other one day your credit, your family, your social status whatever the fuck that means..won't be mucked up with the word DIVORCE. You are free and clear and hey guess what? Those documents tend to hold up in court a lot better then your fucking marriage legality crap. Even married people today get extra contracts like a pre-nup because of how loose the marriage contract is. So please tell me why? Why get married today? People say it's tradition...well lots of things used to be tradition like having your father pick out your husband whom you couldn't even meet until your wedding night where you were raped. So don't bother hiding behind always changes and always will. So why is marriage even going on today? Why should people get married? Why did you? Um a little side note, please leave your religion out of this it's a scape goat and I won't have it. Tell me why YOU got married knowing all of this and many more facts saying don't. I really need to know because contrary to popular belief sometimes I forget I was brainwashed to want the fairytale and I get choked up at the sight of those dresses. Don't be scared, educate me from another angle. We might all learn a little something.


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