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A dilly of a pickle............

Ok so here's some bumps in the lovley road of life.

We're broke..beyond broke right now. We want to leave this shit hole state. Our lease is up on the 31st of this month and we have to decide soon if we are gonna be able to leave in December or sign a 7 month lease again..OR pay month to month which would increase our rent which is already 1110.00 to 1210.00. So another hundred dollars for poor people. If we stay and sign the lease we're stuck here till the END of February. AND Mark has to have a good job lined up soon or we have to stay until February. Oh yeah AND....his contract is up with his company in December that's why we want to leave then cuz he won't have to sign another contract then. So really we need to leave in December but if we have to stay till the end of February would be March, then he would have to find a way to weasle out of his contract and then our friend Mat who has been busting his ass to help us would be like "Dude, you said December, not March. Can't help you." So what do we do? I'd leave today if we could but the application takes a while and it's gonna be $3000 non refundable but theres a great chance we will be able to have permanent residency there. (I thought we were applying for citizenship but we're not). Plus in order to even apply you have to have a job lined up which means he HAS to find a job ASAP and before our lease is up on the 31st! And they have to wait until December for him..practically January! I mean he's qualified but jesus this is crazy. I'm moving to Tibet and becoming a Buddha loving chick. I like big bellies anyways. Help! Got any ideas? Lisa? Marge? Flanders.......?


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