Bob McGoogle

Too bad I can't have Assclowns fix my problems....

I cannot believe how fucking retarded some people are. Don't sign someone's message board and say "Your site is weird." Or "I like your site, your kinda cool." What are you a fucking moron? Obviously you lack a brain or you would have opinions and actually say what you mean instead of "I umm yeah you're kinda, you're sort of,umm umm" Just do me a favor and don't say shit if you don't have any clear fucking opinions. I value assholes who chew me out more then you fucks because atleast THEY have the balls to fucking think for themselves and express a clear view! Goddamit I fucking hate people. Oh yeah and a cunt on Ebay pissed me off too. Fuck all these bitches man. Soon I'm gonna start hunting them down and fucking them raw with a bottle cleaner in their pee hole. Stupid bitches.


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