Bob McGoogle

Come on! Fough-teen, fough-teen! What the fuck is that?

Today I realized yet another one of my pet peeves. I can't stand it when people don't pronounce words correctly. Let me clear this up, I like accents, they are cute and add variety to our language but when people talk normal then every few words through in some fucked up sounding way to pronounce something it ercks me. I saw this commercial today for a diet drug called Leptoprin and this chick was talking about how she's down to "one-seventy-f-hi-ve". Grrrr just say it the same as you talking a minute ago. Or this one time I was at the store with Mark and this chick was working the cash register and talking normal till she got to our total which was 14.14 then she goes "fough-teen fough-teen" We just stared at her for a moment then went outside and started cracking up. Please people if you have an accent fine use it but use it in all your speech don't just through it in anywhere to sound like you are some retard who can't speak english. Annoying. I think someone needs a naapy nap to get rid of her grouchies.


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