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I don't think that's how Disney meant it.....

I got 2 books from the boy. He bought me "Under the Banner of Heaven" and the Hillary Clinton book. I've wanted both for a while now. Under the Banner of Heaven is ripping shit up! I LOVE this book! It exposes how religion is well.. just read it. (Just in case people don't get it that this is only MY opinion and MY beliefs, know that I only speak for myself and don't care what you believe. Believe in religion or not I seriously don't care AT ALL. I'm much too self induldeged to care.)

So anypoop. I measured my waist yesterday and it's at 32 inches so it's coming down. I still have 30 pounds to lose but I'm kicking ass on this new diet. I can't wait to be 110 pounds again! Which is actually heavy for what I used to weigh.

I feel horrible for my mommy. She's getting the shaft from the whores she works with who stabbed her in the back. And that fucking assface doctor..I won't even get started on him. Fuckers are gonna get it back though. What goes around comes around right? Yup.

It's just like that peanut butter toast I ate, its gonna come back to me on it's way out. Ahh the circle of life.


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