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Actually I'm losing a shit load of weight so it's all good, but they still suck balls cuz I can't eat it.

So I completely forgot about Naa's wedding party thingy craphole tonight. Yeah well I told her I'd go then when she called yesterday to ask me which bar I want to go to I was like "What the fuck shit are you talking about hoe?" And then she reminded me and I couldn't think of a good way to fake my own death by tonight so I'm screwed. Man I wish I had some botchulism on hand..for them not me:-) So no beer and food with Mar. Instead I'll be hanging with my Ghana peeps at some crapfuck bar and eating really weird food. Not to say that I don't love Fu-Fu, but only when I can actually eat it. Stupid diet I'm on. Oh yeah by the way this is her thrid marriage at the ripe ol' age of 26. Yup. Marriage is for suckers.


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