Bob McGoogle

I'm just a girl.

I've come to realize lately that I am growing up. I tried to fight it off for years but it has just kinda happened. I'm slowly embracing it and trying to discover who I am and what kind of person I am and want to be. I think this is good. Self discovery is always a good thing. Here's some things I know I'm too quiet when I need to speak, I'm too loud when I need to listen, I hold onto my own self doubt and feelings of inadequacy, I abuse myself mentally and psyically for reasons that are only sane to me, I judge others for things I have done, I neglect my responsibilities when I'm tired too much, I don't listen to my body when it is hurt or sick or tired, I try to make up for the lost years in prison in a few months, I keep people hanging on with hope when there is none, I lie, I harden myself from ym true feelings, I am a hard headed woman.

But here's some other things I know, I am at heart a good person, I do try to listen to others and offer my advice when asked, I love my friends and family with all my heart and would do anything for them, I love getting compliments about things I hate the most on myself, I love learning new things and reinventing new ways to do old things, I love learning from my friends who teach me every day, I loved being challeneged and stressed out, I love paying my own bills with my own money, and I love that once again they are calling my "Tiny little Leah" which I thought I'd never want to hear until they stopped saying it. We all need work and I am no exception but its fun to find the kinks and remove them and search for more isn't it? Everyday we get a little better if we just try.


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