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whens my turn?

well i got bored today so i pierced my eyebrow mark pierced his belly. now we both have 5 even. funny what you do when your bored. alone again, hes playing foose i was hoping this girlfriend of a player was going to go but she didnt so i wasnt about to sit up there all by myself with hairballs while he plays foose all night. i really need a friend who doesnt blow...isnt pregnant or has a kid..doesnt have mental problems or fucked up family shit..isnt a drug addict..or fucking hemroid girlfriend ..just a normal chick who gets me, well iguess that is a lot ot ask. i met a girl in michigan when was there last week named kat. i really like her i think her and i would be total buds if i lived there but i can still chat with on yahoo instant i guess. its hard to find that one person who sees you. i thought michelle did but i guess not, maybe she did when we were kids but not now. were like toatl strangers. nice spelling huh? i wish i was still in mi i dont care about the weather like mark does i love the people there. i know my way around theres people there that get me you know? i have a past with them. now im just some chick you see along the 16th street mall seaching for a life while her boyfriend is living it up. i know hes happy here he has his job which makes him a lot of cash and his friends from foose and hack, but thats all fine and dandy but what the fuck about me? im fucking lonely and miserable and he knows it. he said hed move back to mi but theres no jobs out there for computer programmers and no one could or would pay him what he makes now. plus we dont have the money to move and wed have to pack up everything again and make the long trip and he hates mi with a fucking passion it would have broken us up cause then hed be miserable. isnt there a compromise? some inbetween we can agree on? no. hes happy here and wants to stay here for ever while i have this need to keep moving around see new places do things..experience things. i thought he did too. hes happy here and thats that. maybe ill forgot about what this last trip woke up in me..having a life. maybe ill fall back into another 2 year slumber of tv watching and forget.. yeah thats probably best. ill just forget. theres nothing that can be done anyway. maybe im just feeling sorry for myself cuz everyone ive met so far out in denver sucks ass. maybe i do. i dunno thats all folks now im depressed.


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