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phill said it all...

i really fear going to michelles wedding. its like a flu virus swirling around around my veins constantly reminding me that its there. i dont haveany right to be there. i dont want to be there. why should i witness what i opposed ..alone. i was the only one who said..michelle your making a mistake your too young. it cost me my friendship and now she wants or should i say expects me to go. why? why does she want me there? just to say ha! i did it even though you didnt want me to? romantic ideas..i laugh at them. there is no more romance. what is she thinking? that this is some kind of fairy tale?

i cant go on..just holding on to that we're living seperate have no right to ask me how i have no right to speak to me so kind.

there was no way to now we're living seperate lives..

why do you want me there michelle? this song is now for us. i think it says everything i feel about you.

your eyes are now the dead stare of a ghost of someone i used to know. and mine to you are pity. i do miss you sometimes, when im alone or scared, you used to be my strength and now your gone and im ok without you around, i have been for awhile. you called me today to ask for money..who are you? who am i? i dont even know that anymore. we used to think we had it all huh? and now..your going to jump into shit and i left. searching and running thats all we know. so yes you have no right to ask me to come to see it for myself. i dont want to. if you see my crying its not out of happiness it s because im watching your chilhood be thrown away. i used to think id do anything for you , but this i cannot be apart of. now i just have to tell you.


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