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well poop..thats all i have to say. isnt it fun when you cant sleep till like 9 am ? then you sleep in till 3 pm? fun huh? no not really. bobs sitting on my shoulders..ouch that hurts. i wonder what everyone is up to tonight. i bet at the oak or seeing a band play somewhere. i wish i was there. i really miss my bros and kat. speaking of kat..geez that girl can read my mind..its just like she gets me and shes not afraid of what i say or think..thats nice..shes ont he level and thats not very easy to come by. figures she has to be so far away. i want to put her in my pocket and keep her! hehehehhe marks playing the foose ball tonight. yaya he wanted to know if i wanted to go but i really dont consider watching hair balls all night fun.. im already gonna have to do that when i go back to mi in may to help out my mom. i want to buy a playstation 2 because josh and dane got me hooked on it when i was out there. i dont want o play it..i just wanna watch final fantasy!!! hahahha i might get one i m not sure yet. they are pretty expensive though. i was looking at the price of digital cameras tonight or know..for michelles wedding and shit..goddam they are expensive! i think she thinks i have dollar sign s on my forehead. i dunno. i should get her a pile of bricks so she wont have to crap them out in ten years when she has 2 kids no life and realizes she got married wayyy to fucking young. what an idiot. anywho thats all im gonna say about her wedding for really tired of whining about it. whelp what else to do i play sims or do i watch tv?


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