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beef jerky

weird...ive been having a seriously bad craving for beef jerky lately. so i bought a huge can of it and ate it all in a day or so. thats kinda gross. have you ever tried to pooh out beef jerky..very spikey. ouch. well i might be able to get out of going to that fucking said she wants to reschedule her surgery for the end of june because then she could have the whole summer off..guess what..then i wouldnt be able to go home till june! yayay im out of having to go! plus her doctor said she may have to reschedul;e because that date conflicts with a vacation of his or some crap. yayayay so im happy but mom still has to find out if she can move the date but she thinks there wont be any problem for that since the doctor already said she may have to. no i didnt ask her to do this ok? i know how it looks but im not going to risk my mothers health to protect myself from torture. she has to do it because of her butthole doc k. i wish i had more beef jerky, goddamn its good. lowery's big beef...super good! whelp thats about it for tonight. im gonna watch tv then go to bed cuz marks at foose and im bored. good night to all!


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