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ok im much better comes and goes. hopefully that was the last of the nasty cravings but somehow i doubt it. thanks to everyone for your support especially you kat! you rock! i have hard candy and gum and everybodys advice is really helping.

well heres something new i got a really good nights sleep last night! i took the tylenol pms at 9pm and by 10 i couldnt keep my eyes open i went to bed at like 10 then slept all you know how long its been since it did that? i woke up with so much enegy i scrubbed this whole place down till it sparkled! then i did the laundry...i was gonna work out ..but come on im a lazy boyd! geez! i think not smoking has helped my sleep but not at first the first couple nights i barely slept, i was all shakey and sweaty and hot and could think of nothing but smoking now the nicotine is on its way out and im doing good. a lot of water is a good idea thanks kat! and believe it or not thanks to my dad for the hard candy trick! can you believe it? and he didnt give me any shit over it either! he was like well sweet pea...(thats his name for me..) i prayed, drank a lot of water and sucked on hard candy. its better then stuffing your face all day. thanks dad! i think ill make it! my mom said she was proud of me. mullet broke his ankle tripping over kinada! hahahahah too bad he didnt crack his head it would do him any harm....oh well im done today. and last but not least thanks to mark for putting up with my nasty smoking all these years and thanks for not killing me these last couple days you rock!!! ps. mark....when are they gonna get to the fireworks factory!!!!!!


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