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the no smoking is going good, im coping well. i really want one right now though.hahahah i hope this crap goes away completely cuz i couldnt live my life craving sll the time that would suck!my brother is having surgery soon im praying for him because it sounds scarey and like its gonna be really painful. i hope he has lots of people helping him out..(please?) we played ffx all week and tomorrow we have to return it but we're gonna try to re-rent it for another 5 days. we got up to where they kill(or hurt him badly i think..?) maester seymour. is that far? i dont know...but its sure fun! i could watch that game forever and not get bored! its a lot of fun. miss kats interview went good i think shes gonna get the job, i hope so. its a really good training place for her. sucks they arent gonna pay her though. im going strong girl! still havent smoked i think once the two weeks is up ill be alright but im basically there already. thanks for your help! you rock! i emailed michelle today to tell her im not coming to her wedding and junk, i hope she understands. she didnt email me back or anything yet but i doubt she will for a couple days. i cant wait to come back to mi and hang out again. well thats all, goodnight all!


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