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pet sitters

well since we leave in like 3 weeks i had to find really good pet sitters that could handle cats, birds, and fish. i think i found them! and they had to be bonded and insured..hey these people are coming inot my home while im gone and caring for my felines and other animals! they have to be awesome!they are stopping over tonight so they can meet us and they can meet with the pets. hopefully all will go well. i think it will.

id just like to say sorry about the entries the last couple days ive been a little stressed out and needed to blow off some steam and people like michelle didnt deserve what i had to say..and thats all im gonna say about that because i really would like to just forget about it. thats all im say abou that..hahahah

so anywho hey has anyone seen mikes computer room? its gonna look f-ing sweet! i think the girls are all done now! go check it out!

i want them to come out here and do my house when i buy one. so poop crap poop. umm..yeah...thats all folks. have a good night ill be finishing up ffx! eat it dane! hahahahahahha j/j!


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