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fucking birds

so the birds had 2 babies right? whitehead and barney. now they are having 5 more! goddamit why did i get these birds? still not smoking and will never again taste that sweet sweet taste of smoke. cuz if i even try it once i know ill go back. im working out like crazy but theres been some really weird thiungs going on..first i keep having porno like sex dreams..hmm. 2nd i can smell ridiculous ive always had a really strong sense of smell like being able to smell when chicks are on their periods and when guys have recently you know..but now its getting crazy!! all i smell everywhere is fermaldihyde. i dont know if i spelled it right but i think you can tell what that is. its crazy! i havent been able to eat anything but apples and dry burnt toast for like 3 days because of this smell i keep picking up from everything else! so that should help. but ewe gross! i keep washing my hads i cant get rid of the smell. yuck. im going to starve to death soon. but hey atleast ill be skinny again..thats really all i care about at this point. as far as health stuff goes. i hate having any fat..wheres my 17inche waste line? im gonna get it back. no one understand s what this has been like for me... this isnt my body. i never had to work out before to lose weight..i ate anything i wanted. well im going to get it all back! yes i am! im very determined! yes i will! ok thats all. i have to poop. out what i have no idea..hmmm


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