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man i could not sleep last night! i could not have been anymore cramped up and bloated! omg! today..i took out the garbage and forgot that i dont have a key to the apartmant because the pet sitters needed a key so i was locked out. but heres the worst part..i was in my pj's and i didnt have a bra on! so im like fuck! what am i gonna do? so i go downstairs and think "ok ill run across the street to the other office and ask them to come over and let me in" no way!!! i live on 17th street! its super busy! people in business suits walking way. so i go back upstairs and start banging on my neighbors that sucked. finally this guy answers the door and there i am with my jugs all hanging out and snowman pj pants on..what a im like help!!! he lets me use his phone and i get the office people to come let me was all like 10 minutes long but god was that embarassing! i called mark and told him that i get his key when he gets home because that will never happen to me again! geez that sucked! hey did anyone watch the osbournes last night? hahahahah soo frickin funny! tonight should be awesome! watch fox tonight around 8 i think it s celebrity boxing! hahah it should be awesome. ok bye bye


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