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Bye bye lazy days....I'll miss you!

Well things have been nuts. Since we're moving out and junk I'm trying to clear out the clutter by selling off some crap. Its going pretty good. A lot of people stopped by ;ast night and I sold some stuff. I'm selling a bunch of crap on ebay this week if anyone wants to check it out look up [email protected] my user name. And bid dammit!!!! Hahahaha J/J! I have an interview today for a job for the next couple of months fopr extra money and to help with moving costs which keep rising...:-( But anywho thats about all for now, wish me luck your head everyone say "Good luck Leahbea" Shanks! Oh the way..its so nice to have great people support you like my girl Kat, who never panick they just listen to you and they she says "we'll figure something out." You know? thats awesome, it makes you feel like your not alone in the pile of shit you find yourself. I hope one day I can do the same for her when she needs me. I love you Kat! You seriously rock my world!!

P.S. To my feline girlie..if we didnt bitch and moan life would be pretty boring if we were happy ALL the you go on and bitch and when I finally get my lazy ass a job I'll start moaning right along with ya! hehehehe


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