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Interviews suck ass

Well I had my interview. It was pretty good. Me and the gilr who was interviewing me, Paula, were talking for an hour and half. We seem to have a lot in common. She reminded me a lot of Kat! Except she didnt have the super sweet voice! Thats Kat trademark! No one can touch it! They are gonna call me HOPEFULLY fpr a 2nd interview in a few days. They are interviewing a lot of people for a bunch of jobs..but they are looking for full time! yyayayayayay Thats a plus. Man I just realized I write really bad sentences..if they aren't run-ons I finish a thought is a couple sentences! Hey what do you want? I went roosevelt where they all are fucking assholes and could give a shit about what we learn-ed...hmm...something wrong there. I think my eardrum is about to go I feel the pressure building and my throat hurts. Im sooo freaking tired of this..46 I deaf yet in that so I can get some of that grant money for the hearing inpaired..nope...its going VERY VERY slowly. Just my luck.

Man I was nervous yesterday for that interview..I almost pooped my pants on the way there, thats right I was so nervous I gave myself the hershey squirts(as mikey would say)! Well I'm gonna go eat a bowl of fruit loops..hey I'm not on weight watchers yet!!! Eat shit! ok Bye bye!


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