Bob McGoogle

The Bad News Bear rolls into town...

It's so hard to actually be completely honest with someone isnt it? I mean COMPLETELY honest. Like you know how people say "Oh I look fat" And you really think they do, but you cant say it? Wouldnt it be nice to be able to have someone that you were so close to you could actually say that and they wouldnt even take offense? Then imagine that this person whom you seem to have such a tight bond with craps all over it, then a year later wants you to be the same with her? Sorry it cant happen. You know, you cant ask people to be totally honest if your going to get pissed off when their opinion isnt what you wanted to hear. I know some people are old fashion, and really its cool. Its your life to fuck up ok? BUT dont ask me then, someone you know who is all about bucking tradition to give you my opinion ok? Or atleast then dont get pissed off at me when I tell you anything under thirty is too young. Its just my opinion..its not the law..its not even the "popular" choice. But I really believe life is long enough for most that we can wait a few years ok? Im just tired of it. Your not on my list of priorities ok? You pissed that away because god forbid I had an opinion so now you can eat shit ok? How do you like that opinion Bramlett?


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