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The colors of my poop......

Ok I've gotten a lot of grief over the sushi code. Let me clear this up.

The Sushi code was a joke between Marklar and me. We went to try it one night to find out what all the rave was about. Well since neither of us have actually eaten it before we didnt know what to order so we ordered a sampler. I have no idea what all that shit was but let me tell you it was gross to look at as well as eat. So we started talking about how gross it was and how people cannot seriously like it. Then we started thinking that people must "say" that they like it just so they sound cool...hence the sushi code. But the truth is I kinda liked the california rolls. :-) I just like shakin things up. hehehe

So my 2 week run of nothing but froot loops is coming to an end. Ive eaten in these two weeks 7 boxes of froot loops. My poop is multicolored. Oh well what are you gonna do?

The shit on ebay is selling good. I'll find out tonight how I did on a majority of it. BTW how did someone in Hawaii hear about my diary? Email me!!! I love hawaii! If I ever marry my chode of a bf (j/j)itll be there. Wouldnt' it be great to live in paradise? My email is [email protected] seriously I want to hear from you, and Leslie youd better email me too..sneakin in here to take a look..:-) Im lonely, I have no friends because I smell bad! Its not my fault..its genetic! hahahah Mike! hahahahahah Yeah if you havent guessed yet mboyd72 is my bruva. Ok thats enough of that. Oh yeah the fucking tv is still out! Dammit why has tv betrayed me! My one constant companion! Thats ok I'll play Sims tonight so if you want to talk I'll be on till probably 12am mountain time. What a life eh? Poop crap poop. Marklar is playing the foose ball tonight..and I'm stuck here watching Theres something about Mary and Clueless and all those other movies I have cuz theres no tv! No tv make Leah..something ..something.

Go crazy?

No not really just really bored as you can probably tell by this entry. Ok I'm gonna have another bowl of froot loops and watch my movies. I'll be on in like an hour or so..well I'm always on because we have dsl..ok if you want to talk to me then just message or email me ok? Geez was that so hard? heheheh


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