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Hey ya'll

Sorry about the freak out lately but you know, life isnt always happy. Sometimes its hard to know what to say to someone whos packed on about 40 lbs and still trying to eat like shes 90lbs. Well weight Watchers should be here soon. I've heard nothing but good things about them. And with the whole Mark and leaving thing, well I've decided to reaaly try to make things happen for me out here. If say in a year I'm still wayy unhappy then its to plan B. I think things are gonna get a whole lot better when we move. I hope, I pray. The fucking tv is still out so those of you who know me, know that I'm bored out of my mind. Poop. I got a request to re-post 2 of my entries..sushi code and my theory on having kids..I will but I need to clear this up today first k? So to any of you who have read the entires over the weekend know that I had a bad one, but things are looking better now, thanks for your help.

Man Egg Mcmuffins are good. (mmmmm unexplained egg mcmuffin....) Heres some good news though, the tv people said that they will put in a work order for me! Because I guess the whole building has been out for like a month!!! And if mine just went out last Monday then they will come fix it. Yyayayay I hope they can. Well I'm gonna go workout because until I get on Weight Watchers, each calorie counts and I just ate about 2000, thank you Mcdonalds. Buh bye.


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