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Ouch my feet hurt.

so the last two days I've been working back at Cookies By Design. Its been fun and I'm getting closer to my goal of money I need. My feet are killing me though. I have to work out tonight to earn extra points for Weight watchers. Its pretty easy to stay in your points. My goal wight to lose it 40 lbs..wish me luck! I hope I can do it! As soon as my feet stop pulsating I'll start working out, I earn 3 extra points doing it! So since I ate a big lunch then I'll have enough to eat some soup or something for dinner. The Osbournes was hi-larious yesterday. Seriously Ozzy cracks my up. I just watch him and roll on the floor. The music they play while hes doing anything is the di do ti do ti doo....heheheh Ron said he'll call me about once a week to see if he needs me for anything which is cool cuz it means that hes really trying to find my work there. Its cool to because then I dont have to be the new kid anywhere which sucks ass. thank God I dont like those cookies or Id be in trouble! You dont even wanna know how many points those are! I only 23! Hehehheheh Hopefully I'll be back to 90lbs soon and feeling better about shit in general. Cant wait to wear the bikinis I bought 2 years ago! I'm tired of these boobs too, they hurt!!! They are ALWAYS sore! Well I'm gonna go enjoy my nice 1 can of coke I can have today. Goodnight all!


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