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Ok since I got about a crap load of emails for these it is.. The Sushi Code..again... and after that its the thoery of having children again..enjoy!

The Sushi Code

Now I know there will be many who oppose me, or who may even try to stop me. This has to get out to the public for your own safety. Sushi tastes like crap. ALL SUSHI!! Thats right, thats what I said. No one really likes it. We all say we do because then we can tell you how great it is and we seem cool or like we know whats going down. But no one really likes raw fish. It smells horrible, tastes even worse and is way too expensive for shit that ain't even cooked. The code is simple, try it or don't all you have to do is be able to name a few things and say how much you love them. Everyone thinks your cool and you can say "Yeah I've tried that!" "I love sushi!" Now you know the truth, can we all stop lying to ourselves and other people about how great sushi is? It's horrible! For your sake, your taste buds, and your breath oh and lets not forget about our sake because some of us dumbasses actually go out and try it.....Stop saying you love sushi no real American could possibly like it! This concludes my entry..please no emails on this will self destruck in ( well tomorrow I guess, if I can think of something else to write about.) days..... And now, my theory.... Heres my deep thought for the day...

Never eat Tostitos if you've been sitting on your ass all day. Your system gets all bound up. So I did that, and I'm sitting on the toliet taking this horrible poop thats slicing my asshole apart. We're talking grabbing the toliet seat for my dear life because its ripping my insides trying to come out. While I was in this horrendus pain (I could care if I spelled that right..) when I remembered something my mother once told me about pooping out puppies. She said "Leah, having a baby is like taking the biggest poop youve ever taken." So as I sit here in all this pain I wonder why ANYONE would deliberatly do that to themselves. I mean think back to the biggest poop you can remember..I bet it hurt like a bitch right? Well imagine that times 1000 or a! I told her she should go to high schools around the country and relay this message to many many stupid girls. Once you have something to compare the pain to, it opens all kinds of doors for you in your mind about how far youll go for something eh? Just a thought.


I hope you all enjoyed my replays but you'll have to look in past entries to see it again after this k? Thanks!


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