Bob McGoogle

Brothers, can live with em..can't shoot them in the face.


How to know if you are inflicted with the disease known as Brother's...

Do they make fun of you? Tell you that you smell infront of your boyfriend? DDT you everyday after school? Practice wrestling moves on you? Give you noogies? Make fun of the way you dress? Fart on your head? Spray you with the face? Spit in your mouth? Beat up every guy you've ever dated? Put your Barbies in leud positions? Cut your dolls hair? Teach you how to fight by punching you in the face? Hold you down and crack your toes? Tickle you till you piss yourself? Bribe you to clean their rooms? Pick on your friends? Laugh at you in public? Eat all the good cereal? Slop their lips when eating in? Ewewewewew Tackle you when your trying to watch tv? Change the channel when your watching a good show like Ally McBeal? Force you to watch every frickin sports event that comes on every frickin channel, every frickin day? Expect you to clean up after them? Remind you that your metabolism is slowing down as you get older even though you are only 23 and have just gained a bunch of weight? If you answered "Yes" to 1 or more of these may have a brother...maybe even 2! If so then you need the new patent..."Eat Shit My Dear Brother!" This is a new revolutionary spray you apply to their face when they are pissing you off. It will stay no matter what and stink like all hell. Once this is applied to them they will leave you and everyone else alone for fear that they will smell like shit again. This may cause them to go into hiding, but that isnt really something we here at "Eat Shit My Dear Brother" are concerned about. That is considered a plus to this products use. To order "Eat Shit My Dear Brother" just call 1-800-eat-shit, have your credit card ready. Rush deliveries avaliable upon request. Sorry no C.O.D.'s

Hahahahahhahahahhaahahahhahahaahah man thats sweet.....hahah Mike and Josh!!!!


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