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Theme to me

Everyone has a theme song whether you know it or not. My old one was Jewel, I'm sensitive, but now ladies and gentlemen..we have winner!! Pink-Don't let me get me...that song was written for me, every line except the pop star part. I recommend you take a listen. It may be your theme song!

Well not a whole lot has been going on lately. I'm still on weight you cant know my weight or how much I've lost k? Mind your business! Heheh Actually I don't know cuz I wont weigh myself..:-) I'm not ready to see it yet. Got my smooth Mp3s playing right now..Alicia Keys, Enrique, JLo, Pink and Alison Krauss. SO what I pop music..bite my ass. I like to move my booty:-) Hopefully soon I wont have much of one to shake! Hehe. I'm still peeing my poop if you get my drift..its getting raw. Is that normal on Weight Watchers? I hope so. So I thought since everyone 's diary I read quotes lyrics that I'd do some..

Never win first place

I dont support the team , dont take direction, my socks are never clean.

teachers dated me, my parents hated me, never did nothing right

Everyday i fight a war against the mirror..cant stand the person looking back at me..I'm a hazard to myself..dont let me get me!

Dont wanna be my friend no more i wanna be somebody else....

All you have to change is everything you are..damn britney spears..shes so pretty..that just aint me.

cuz im a hazard to myself dont let me get me

so irrating...dont wanna be my friend no more..I wanna be somebody else.

Listen to it even if you dont dig pop music its good. It's me. Have an open enough mind to know that even pop music can be thoughtful and make you look inward..and shake that ass. Hehehe How much do you bet Mike the old woman and over opionated brother will have something to say about that like pop music sucks or some crap ey Mike? Heheheh

Still not smoking-good

trying to lose weight-good

war with pills-well thats for another day to tackle im taking on enough right now. atleast its only over the counter stuff now. but im sleeping better, so thats good.

I almost used up all my points today eating cream of fucking broccoli soup!

Can you believe it?

Ahh a little PM Dawn...Set a drift of memory bliss of you...I likey. Nothing on tv tonight, man I hate Wednesday nights. Marklar is playing foose. Kat is out with Cam and Mike is in Canada with Joya. I wonder where Josh is? Probably at work or the Oak. For all of you who dont know, the Oak is a bar in Wyandotte Michigan. Ok well thats about it for am I boring or what? I'm depressed. Ok bye bye


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