Bob McGoogle

2002-05-09 pimple hasnt surfaced yet, so I figure by now its not going to. Actually, its looks like its going down. My chin is inflamed though, due to the great amounts of medication I've been putting on that huge thing. It really hurts like a son of a bitch. Well, the butt fucking Av's tied it up last night because the Sharks forgot what defense is. Fuck you Roy!!! Die fucker!!! Ok I'm done with that. Glad to hear D is doing better according to Mikes page. I have diahrea again, thanks slim fast!!!! I'm gonna be cutting off my ghetto looking hair soon. Yay! I need it dyed...badly. Man my chin burns. Well no pills last night. Mom put it to me in a way I finally get, each pill I take to sleep cancels out everything I did for getting skinny again each day. I get that. So no more pills yay! Geez...could I get anymore healthy? I don't smoke, I eat lettuce and drink water all day plus take vitamins and workout everyday, I get up early for no reason usually 7 to get lazy boy to work on time, and now I cant even get stoned off of sleeping pills anymore. Man, I'm like fucking Emike! Noooooooooooo!!!!!! Seriously, I'd drink but beer costs too many points and I like to eat them instead! Hey I only get 20 points a day to eat with! Thats nothing! A slim fast shake cost 5! Ok I'm done because I have to piss. See? All that freaking water!!!! Bye bye


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