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Poop. Friday again ya'll. Talked to Mommy today, she always knows what to say to make me good. That must be a great thing to be able to do that, I wish I could. Mark's playing foose tonight. I really hope this Weight Watcher's thing works out. I havent weighed myself really because I know I've messed up too many times. I mean I did weight myself but it didnt mean anything..which means I didnt lose any weight..:-) I have messed up too many times, but I'm doing great now because I finally got my butt in gear. No more pills! Mom is so smart, so told me in a way only I would understand what I was doing to myself and now...I'm done! Yay! No more destructive behavior! My tongue hurts, I've been eating too much raw Tang. Shut up! Its good! You know you love it!! Remember boneheads...the sushi shit you tried to tell me? Atleast I eat good stuff! Hahahah j/j! Settle down Mike! Hahahah I wish someone was on tonight its kinda lonely being here all day by myself and night. Thats ok though. I'll go out and do stuff tomorrow. Lara wanted me to go the bar tonight but I'd rather stab myself in the eye then hang out with her, shes really fucking annoying..she reminds me a lot of myself actually, maybe thats why...hmmmm....

Ate my first soy burger since Wilson Middle School yesterday, and it was good! I highly recommend! I can't wait till we move because by then I'll have lost a bunch of weight hopefully and we can have a pool and I can get a job and get going back to school, I'd like to be back going by January. I hope! Keep your fingers crossed! Me getting stupid!!! Hahahah Ok well I'm gonna watch Family Guys till Mark gets home around 1am and its only 9 something....I hope I have that many. Buh bye everybody!


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