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So I finally get a hold of the peeps at UCD, and they tell me i have to re-apply! Grrr!! Qk atleast they are a lot easier then Wayne State! Hahaha Those people are idiots! Looks like the dark cloud has lifted off of Miss Kat, thats always good. And Mike seems to be doing a bunch better. Thats also good. I'm good, hanging on to this diet even though I havent lost a single pound, then again I havent really tried doing it without messing up till last its on! Hahahah I got some very encouraging words from Mr. Chris Hardeaux...that was very nice, also thanks to Miss Kat for helping me out..we'll see in less then a week if Weight watchers really works. I hope so. Mom said to not be in too much of a rush for results because even though I've been off of the prescription pills for a while now, my body is still sleeping because of the over the counter crap so my metabolism may take a bit longer to kick into gear. I hope this works or I'm gonna have to go ape shit on my aunt for telling me to do this to myself.( she was on the same stuff for a year too, and she gained a crap load too.) I would like to say though, soy know garden burgers are really good! My tongue hurts...I loaded up on eating my Tang this weekend because today I picked up my bleaching kit! Yay! No more smokers teeth! Me so happy! Sounds just like what I said to Kat earlier..hmm...weird. I can't wait till I get to come home! Its gonna rock! We are all gonna have so much fun! Yay! The Oak again! Hahahah Ok well I'm done, i have to drain my lizard. Bye bye


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