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So what you wanna fight about it?

Hey there all! Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I usually do but I've been busy. Thats right, the lazy couch potato has been busy. I filled out my application to University of Colorado at Denver...AGAIN! Since its been so long I had to re-apply. I just filled out my FAFSA last night online. Thats gonna be fun when they start their stupid verification process but Mom and I are ready! Thank God they have this stuff online now! Its a pain in the ass waiting for shit to come in the mail! I'm hoping to be back in school by January, I'm really excited too! You wouldnt think you'd miss school but what else am I gonna do go get some part time job? Thats about all that will hire me. Even that wasnt going to good. I've been trying to get a job so Mark and I have some spending money but its like no one is hiring. He has become a S-Corp, which is good. Now we only owe 2000 more in taxes. Only this year do we pay 50% taxes because he filled out stuff wrong. I know he wont agree with me but if it got filled out right, then why did he have to resubmit it? Yeah...hahahhah. Hes so funny! Got rid of Barney and Whitehead, Mom was very upset. I found bugs in my alram clock! They are these tiny little bugs! So I threw it out and bleached down my nightstand. I think they came from the humidifier I use everynight, because that thing had a ton in it. Its gross, I know. But its all cleaned up now. :-) The bleaching is going good. Last night though, my teeth were hurting a little but thats ok. I really dont mind since they will be super white! Heheheh My butt itches...yup I scratched it! So what you wanna fight about it? Hahahah God I love Family Guy! Hahahahh Well its time to work out its almost 9am and The view is coming on! Yay! Ok bye bye

P.S. Don't you just love how I jump from one thing to the next? Hahahah Damn I'm good! No..not really..but you can read it right?


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