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Lonely Cuz No Cheese....

Lonely cuz no Cheese...... Its Friday again. I hate Fridays. I sit here alone, no one's fault but my own. I could go to the shithole place Mark goes to to watch him play foose but I'd rather not. I don't like going out in public like this. Shut up! I'm allowed to feel uncomfortable 40lbs over weight ok? Thanks for the support but I'm ok. Just bored and a little lonely. But its cool. Of course we aren't doing shit again tomorrow because what is there to do? Going to the mall is depressing because I cant wear anything and I cant afford anything. Can't get drunk not enough points to drink. Now my Aunt tell's me to take it down to 18 points per day and not use my banked workout points AT ALL!! So thats what I'm gonna do starting Monday because I'm still trying to fix what I did last week to my points..Tang incedent. Hehehe She said she didnt lose any weight until after she did this and after a month. Why am I going this extreme? Well I'll tell you, I haven't lost a single pound yet. Nope not a one. I'm feeling kinda discouraged right now but its ok I'll keep going. So its good! Well I do know that movie The Ladies Man is coming on soon, that might be fun to watch. I dont have any points left. No snacks for Leahbea. Ok well I'm gonna go watch it. Bye bye!

P.S. A couple of years ago I was at Taco Bell on Eureka in Southgate, I ordered a Tostada without cheese..I has gas..the dude who worked there wrote on the box "Lonely Tostada cuz no cheese." So I hope that explains the title to this one. I thought it was cute.


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