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Well, this weekend was kinda cool. Friday was it' usually boring crap but Saturday Markar and I went to the bar and got pissed. (That' drunk for all you non-Scottish.) Talked to this lady from school today, they got everything so I just have to wait now. I hate waiting and seeing. It blows, badly. Saturday-Go Wings! Yeah! Man McCarty really surprised me! His first ever hat trick! You go boy! That was a great game and today should be rocking too! Molly Maids came by to give me a clean out estimate-not too bad really. Just trying to get stuff together but its really hard because we still have 2 months left. I'm already having nightmares about flying in June. I hate being afraid, I feel like such a pussy. Well, I am so what? I hope all my FAFSA stuff goes through ok without too much crap for me to do. It's really hard because Moms stuffis in Michigan. So that takes a bit longer to do. Cutting off all my hair on Wednesday! Yay! Know who Colleen Haskell is?e was on Survivor the first one, and in The Animal..that movie. Well I'm getting my hair cut just like hers I think it will look really cool, I hope! June and July are gonna be so crazy for me! Man! Dad and Sherry are coming here May 31st thru June 3rd then I go to Michigan on June 20th thru 30th. Its gonna be nuts but I'm excited! Then in July we move, then in August my Kats coming out! Yay!!!!! I hope she had fun this weekend doing her charity stuff! Sounds like it was fun! I'll have to bug her tomorrow, the game is coming on1 But Kat I miss oyu and I cant wait to come home!

Oh the weight watchers is going good, I took myself down to 13 points and I'm not adding o my workout points anymore. I was really upset on Friday cuz I havent lost any weight and this really nice girl named Amy helped me out and helped encouraged me! Thanks!


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