Bob McGoogle


Fuck you. You talk down to me, you think I'm living in sin. I am beneath you right? I don't believe in your religion, therefore I dont count. I am a sinner. I dont go to church. You hold her daughters above me. You love them and care about them. You never came out here to see me, you came to see Colorado. How could you want to see me? You don't even know me, you never tried to get to know me. How could you say that to me? "People don't have to be drug atticts, (pause, looking right inot my eyes...) people sin in all different kinds of ways." I'm so tired of letting you get to me. Why do I let you get to me? You are a sorry ass old man who doesn't even know his children or care to try to get to know us. You dont deserve to know us. I hope you die a lonely old man. But I know you wont because now you have built your perfect little family for yourself havent you?? What about the one you didnt ever give a shit about? When did you ever stop having fun and say "Hey I have to call Leah and see how shes doing!" I hope those kids really appreciate it, because you never did that for me ever. You never stopped what you knew was going on right next door. Your a piece of shit. Why did I ever allow myself to believe you'd want to get to know the real me? Why did I ever think that you would care about me or my feelings? You dont and you never will. Why did I believe it? Why did I let my guard down so you could walk right in and rip up my heart again? You have Sherry fooled pretty good dont you? She actually thinks you were a good father doesnt she? Shes too good for you. What pisses me off more than anything is that I let you get to me! What the hell is wrong with me? I know your a biggost, womanizer, my way or your worthless type attitude who cant see past the end of his own nose, so why do you bother me? Thats simple..because your my Dad. You dont deserve that title so I'm taking it back..your Rob my sperm donner. My father was Mom, Mike and Josh. They are the only family I have that ever cared about me. So you can go fuck yourself and I hope that those kids can someday see the real you. Your a heartless bastard and I hate you with all of my heart and soul.


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