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Don't let the door hit you in the ass fucker...

He's gone! Yes! Jesus I can't stand that fucker. He shoves his religious shit down my fucking throat till I feel like I'm gonna choke. He's such a racist too! He kept commenting on all the "coloreds" that live in Denver. What? Jesus is it 1950's again? Fucking coloreds? OMG! Then every opportunity he got he was slamming my life style and my brothers. Fuck that guy, he doesnt even know me or them so he can burn in hell. He told me on Saturday that he was glad he didnt have to deal with my mom anymore when he heard through the wall of his girlfriends house, my mom getting her ass kicked by Dale. Yes you did have to deal with it you fucking asshole because your children lived there! But no, he didnt do shit. We are nothing to him and will always be nothing. No I didnt unleash on him. You know why? Because he doesn't even deserve to see my emotions. What would it change? Would he ever try to love us for us? No. So why bother? Mom says I shouldn't wish for him to be dead and maybe shes right, maybe it would come back to bite me in the ass, but so what? After all the shit he's done to us, I want him to go meet his maker so God can tell him what a fucking jerk he was and tell him to go straight to where he belongs and no it sure ain't heaven. Oh yeah btw Mike..."Your brother Mike needs to get saved and find him a nice christian girl." I thought once you were saved, which you were when you were little, you were forever? Hmmm confusing.

God I hate him.

But anyways since my weekend blew chunks like a bulimic, how was your weekend? Oh we did go on a tour of the candy factory and that was fun. Hammonds candies is awesome! Then we vistited Celestrial Seasonings factory and that was awesome too. As long as we werent talking everything was fine. Too bad I didnt hit him in the face with a bat eh? Hehehe Don't worry about me, I'm not filled with hate and junk, actually my life is pretty rockin. I just get fired up sometimes by stupid people. Even Mom pisses me off to no end sometimes but that doesnt mean that I sit around screaming about it. Usually I forgot till something tomorrow I'll have forgotten what happened this weekend or atleast how I felt so don't worry k? I used to dealing with this stuff. Glad to hear Kat's finally getting on with her life and not taking that crappy jobs shit anymore! You go girl! Do what makes you happy, life is too short for anything less. We got our new computer so far its pretty cool. I hope Mike can get all his money that his company owes him so he can get a new car and still have a cool vacation. He needs one for many reasons. Well I'm gonna drink some of my sleepytime tea I got today at the factory and see if it doesn't help my sleep. Nighty night!


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