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Yay! I just wanted to say that finally my older entries button is fixed so if you want to read older entries go ahead and see whats been up k? Kat sounds like shes getting to know herself and what she needs and wants better. If you don't know her diary its or click on my link to the downriver diary ring thats where mboyd72 or my brother mike is also. I was reading some of my guestbook signings today..Kat kills me! Shes soo sweet! Shes like sugar! Hehehe I love you Kat! Shes definatly the coolest chick I've ever met and I love her with all my heart, shes my twin! We always know how eachother feels and we even say the same things at the same time! We have so much in common its sick! Hahaha thats why shes my BF and no ones gonna ever take her away! Heheheh Shes just one of those people who will do anything for other people, I've never met someone so committed to others or me before. I miss her like crazy every day. I cant wait till she comes out here in August and I'm gonna be able to spend as much time with her as I possibly can in June. Shes the one I miss the most and want to be with the most besides my family, of course! Shes even offered to help me out with mom and shes so busy as it is! See what I mean? Kat is perfect! Your mom is right, lifes too short to be this unhappy at work ok? I'm glad your gonna go after what you want in life and thank you for helping me to go after my dreams with getting me to go back to school! You make me feel better about myself, life and you make me feel stronger. How did I ever survive without you? Heheheh I'll call you soon k babes? Tonight is the Wings game! Yeah! go Wings! I hope you all saw the game on friday, it was sick! They smacked those pussy Avs up and down like the bitches they are! Yeah! Ok well I'm gonna go. Please update people! I miss you guys and I want to know whats up k? Love you all! Buh bye!


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