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Poop or no poop?

This weekend was awesome. I just had tons of fun! That game was ridiculous! I couldnt believe it! I hope tonight we smack those boys around a bit.

I hope Mikes ok. Sounds like last night was freaky. Crazy people suck ass! Stay away from my brother crazy people or I'll kick your teeth in!

Now on to more safer things. Being happy with your body is a great thing I think. I wish I could be more like that. Expect heres the difference, I used to rail skinny my whole life them this can I ever be happy or expect this? Im so jealous of people who can look in the mirror and say "Hey I'm kinda cute! I'm not too bad! I look good!" And they mean it. When I look in the mirror I see undless amounts of stuff I want to change. I think I'm a good person and all, but I hate the way I look. So to you Kat, I raise my glass of O.J. I have and say, you rock! It is cool though to have parents who just tell you like it is, although I doubt I would take MY parents advice on stuff like that. hahahahahah Well thats about it for know. I'll try to call some of you tonight and play catch up. As for my diary page, I am considering removing the poop because its even grossing my thats pretty bad. Let me know what you think k? I'll take a poll poop or no poop? Seriously speak up now or forever stare at poop. Or just don't look at my page I guess:-)


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