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You sent for me?

The game was awesome! Dude loved it loved it loved it! Man I wish I could be back in Michigan when they win the cup!

We need rain out here badly..I dont know if you guys out there get the news about whats going on here but the whole state is practically on fire. The sky is kinda grey even in Denver! I hope we get some rain or help soon.

Kat, I'm soo sorry I missed youlat night and this morning. My throat has been killing me, probably because of the fire. Tonight we will have our 3 hour long conversations ok? Hehehe Man me and the girl can talk! We chat forever! I think we share the ame brain...hmmm. Then how come I'm not as successful? Hahahhahaah

Talked to Josh yesterday, he was at Dad's. Why did he tell me all that crap about what jerk Dad is and everytime I talk to Dad Josh is overthere? Josh explained why he went toher wedding. It was more out of feeling kinda pressured because he works with this guy named Nanni who's married to Kenny's sister. That guy knew the whole story about Josh and me being realted and how Josh has known Michelle and what not. Oh well, I'm glad he had fun. I cant wit till I come home! I miss my family so much and Kat!!!! Kat and me and Azita are all gonna hangout! Girls night! Oh yeah! I like Azita she seems really cool. Plus I cant wait to hang out with Nick. Man I miss that guy. Hes so awesome! Well I have to finish workign out and junk. Have a great day all!


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