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Yay! The game is tonight where we win the cup! Yeah! Man I wish I could be in Detroit tonight when they win. (See how optimistic I'm being?) I have such a freakin headache today ouch man!

Finally got everything straight with everyone about Philly. I hope...Grrrrr.... It was hard to explain dates OVER and OVER again, but I did it. Hehehe Im so glad I'll be able to hang out with Josh, my girl Kat, and my Marklar. We are gonna have soo much fun! I only wish Mike was going, that would make it perfect. Speaking of Kat, we FINALLY got ahold of eachother last night! Hahaha Only took a couple of tries! HAhahah I love how she totally gets me you know? I hope she knows that I totally get where shes coming from on stuff too. Plus shes super funny! "Tell me to stop when I'm grossing you out" said last night. Gross me out? HAahahahahahahahahhaha never gonna happen. I would like to say one thing though...

Its very very difficult to love yourself and your own body the way it is. Most people, like myself, want a lot of things changed. To be able to look in the mirror and smile and like what you see..well I think that should be applauded. So many girls starve themselves, they throw up and do all kinds of horrible things to "look good", but heres a little chick named Kat thats changing our minds. I wish there were more people like her out there telling young people that its ok if we're not all a size zero. Yes I realized how ironic it is that I'm saying this considering I was once and normally am a zero. But even when I was I had issues with my body. So eat it! That was my deep thought for the day.

Well I need to get the lead out and start working out. Go wings!


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