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Your sweating where?.......

Whelp I'm all here and junk. So far having tons o fun. But you all know what I've been doing since I've been here, so I wont drone on. We leave for Philly on Thursday Yayayayayya! should be a lot of fun. I hope my felines are ok. I miss their fur! Hehehehe Darrian is funny. He keeps licking my foot. I have no idea why. Its so fucking hot and humid in Michigan. You forget how humid it is when you live in dry ass Colorado. Mark said we got our apartment and the one we wanted! Yay! I'm soo excited! I cant wait to move in! Well its time to get back to hangin with my bros. Then tonight Kat and Azita are having a girls night with me. Yayayaya Make-up time! Should be awesome! Thanks everyone for putting up with me I'm having so much fun!


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