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I'm na na na nana na!

I'm back home! It was an awesome trip. Thanks to everyone for making it great. Philly was awesome. We got pessed all day. I got us a ticket by the worst cop EVER, and Josh drove into on coming traffic. Kat was subjected to my Dad, and he didnt make an ass of himself! Thank you God! Kat and Azita had a girls night with me which rocked the house dope! I had the ultimate smoking challenge this week and I'm soo happy to report I passed with flying colors! It was hard the first couple of nights. This one night Kat and I went to Canada with Jon, Larry barry, and Joya. They were all smoking and I wanted one so bad! But I held my ground and by the next night when we were getting shit faced again, I didnt want one so much anymore. It just kept getting easier! I thought I'd mess up or something while I was there but I did great! Plus everyone especially Kat and Mike are so supportive of my not smoking it was a lot easier to say no. We had a lot of fun at The Loop. And the boys and I had tons of fun at Sportway. All and all it was an awesome trip. Whole lot of driving going on! Oh yeah before I forget, Kat I'd like to thank you for putting up with me for 10 days, driving my poor ass around and for helping me at my moms to find my childhood books and junk...that wall was nasty! I love you girl!

My mom made us BBQ on Saturday, it was yummy. Kat and I ate like pigs! Hehehehe

I had a lot of fun! It was awesome spending time with everybody! Well thats about it for now I have a shit load of laundry to do. Bye!

Thanks again everybody!


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