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Last time I did that I got the big stiffy

Whoa! Worked my buns off today! Moving sucks buttholes. I had to call baout 500 different companies about stuff and changing addresses. I'll use the post office too but they never get it right and your mail still goes to the wrong place for a while. I don't want to get any bills late. I got a lot of it out of the way. Dad called today, hes on his way home. Sounds like they had fun in Philly like we did. Man I'm tired and the pet people are on the way over here tonight to give me back my keys and junk. I took those diet pills mom gave me today and I feel great. Nothing wrong with them at all. And unlike Metabolife, I'm not all jittery and feeling sick. Don't worry, I'll be very very careful. God I have to pack so much crap ola in the next couple weeks. We move the 19th. I have our new address, I'll be emailing everyone tonight with it. Our phone number is the same, thank God! Tonight I have to order boxes and junk and get them here asap. Man I'm tired..I already said that...ABOUT TEN TIMES! Thats a joke only Kat, Mark and Josh would get right guys? Heheheh Well, I'm not trying to flip you ya dry but I gotta go..lots to do tonight. Isn't moving fun? Grrrr


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