Bob McGoogle

Touch souls

Being honest with someone is really hard. Its even worse if you have to be brutally honest and tell an old friend you just plain don't care for them anymore. People grow apart, and change. Sometimes they grow so far apart that nothing can fix it. I wanted to fix her and I couldn't. I had to be honest with her. What kind of friend could I be looking down my nose at her all the time? Everytime we talked it got heated. Thats not what friends do. Maybe when we were young we each found in the other a person who finally understood what growing up in OUR houses was like. We leaned on eachother, we dreamt of a different life, and planned our escapes everyday. Well my dreams are coming true and your nightmare continues and will forever. Bound by honor, you live to serve. Not me, not anymore. I grew so tired of trying to fix those who were broken around me. I fled for my life and my happiness that I knew I could have one day. You stayed to keep trying to fix them. Maybe you are stronger for that I don't know. Time will tell who made the right choice. I will not be detroyed by the destruction of broken people any longer..I wonder though, how much longer till they destroy you? I hope I am wrong on this one my Poopy girl, but I doubt it. And with this I say goodbye to you and to your dreams which died the day she did. One day we will meet again and I hope it is a joyous occasion. I should like to look into your eyes again one day and see the fire that was in mine also. Maybe then we can try to touch souls again.


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