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Well this 4th has been a blast so far. My arms are kinda crispy from playing outside all day yesterday. We found a place here that knocks the socks off of Sportway! It was awesome! Then we went to our favorite bar in LoDo to get pessed and see the fireworks from the bar's roof. It was kinda chilly but fun! I had a massive hangover today so I chilled at home alone cuz Mark was playing the foose ball. I hope he gets home soon, I'm tired. I can't go to bed because while I was watching this marathon of Twilight Zones, all of a sudden my alarm clock went off by itself! Really weird huh? Now I'm all freaked out. Man I hope he gets home soon. I'm scared! Hahaha

We did go find our new apartment today since we finally have the address. Its super sweet! We are right by an outdoor pool, and about a 2 minute walk to the leasing office where all the good stuff is. Not too shabby eh? We even met one of our neighbors! He seemed pretty cool. I think this move is going to be really good for us. I can't wait to get back to school and to work soon. I hate being home alone all day but its not like a sit on my ass or anything. I just added yet another 100 crunches on to my workout so soon I should be seeing a difference, I hope. The pills mom gave me seem to be doing something...what I have no idea but I hope they are working to get my fatty ass off. I'm more determined then ever to get my nose done now. I've talked to soo many people who have had it done and they all say its totally worth it. They even said it didnt hurt that bad too, thats nice! I think its gonna be really good. I cant wait! Well thats about it for now. I'm gonna go potty. Bye bye!


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