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Packing, packing packing packing packing packing

We're packing or atleast starting to anyways. What a pain in the rear! Mark's no help, he packs 2 boxes then he gets in his pissy whiney mood. Oh well. This weekend was a lot of fun. We hung out doing a bunch of stuff. That place called Boone Docks was fun! I did get a little sun burned though.:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! What did everyone do? I havent heard from anyone lately, which means they are probably having way too much fun to bother to update! Yay! Well Kat did, I really hope she quits smoking but as long as shes ready. I was lucky I didnt have to try to do it around a bunch of people who smoke. More power to her, I know she can do it! Go Kat! This computer room is gonna kill me putting all this crap into boxes grrrr!! Hehhe It just blows is all, packing sucks ass.

We move in on the 19th! Yay! I cant wait! I'll be able to go swimming anytime I want, and have a balcony and have an upstairs! Its gonna rock the house dope! I cant believe that I get to live there. Its so beautiful! Speaking of looking beautiful Mr. Marklar was looking so good this weekend I had to jump him about 4 times! Heheheh Maybe 5? Who knows we shall see tonight...muhhahahaahahah. These pills are great, I get up at 7 am everyday to take one then I cant fall back asleep so now I dont sleep my whole weekend away! It was great especially because Mark was getting up with me cuz he doesnt like to sleep alone. Heheheh No just kidding, actually I dont know why he was getting up with me but he said he likes it. Its better then getting up at like noon or 1 then your whole day is gone. I got a new purse at the mall and some new shorts finally. Man I love Old Navy since I got fatty. They have cool clothes even if you are fat. So what else is now? Hmmm well I'm just really geeked about moving into our sweet ass apartment, and I'm really happy. Things are really starting to go well for me. I know how Mike feels when you realize youve been in a slumber for a few years then you wake up and go "Jesus, what the hell have I been doing?" Its ok Mikey, youll find your way like I'm doing. Never be afraid to try new things, ever think of moving to Cali? Hmm..just a suggestion. Lifes too short, try to find what makes you happy. Miss you all bye bye.



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