Bob McGoogle

Actually, Im British...Wow..Im sorry.

God! This moving shit has me super pissed off! I fucking hate the Qwest people. Are they all assholes or what? Jesus! This lady just pissed me off so bad I think I'm going to stab her to death. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Ok Im done. So anywho things are going smoothly, except for that. I met this really cool chick who lives in England and wants to get her nose/lips fixed too! Her name is Becky and we are both in the same boat. Its cool to have someone to talk to about this without having to explain why I want it done or listen to people freak out. I told her and she was just like "Cool", thats nice. We are both kinda scared though, so its nice to have someone to lean on you know? I dig her a whole bunch. I was asking her all kinds of dumb Questions about England because the whole Britian/England thing has always confused me. She totally broke it down for me. Thanks Becky! Then she said that she thought Americans were skinny and tan and I was like "No way!", most of us are fat asses! I thought that shed ask me about September 11th but I guess not. I think people are starting to move on from it, if you ever can. I have such a headache today. I didnt eat enough while I was doing my "Kill Leah's fatty ass" workout. My head is pounding..need! Ok well I have to shower I really do smell now. Ok byeeeeee all!


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