Bob McGoogle

Dont worry brain, the computer will do our thinking for us now!

Weel instead of going out or anything last night, I started the long cleaning process. Man I still have so much more to do before we leave. It took forever last night just to do a few stupid things. I'm glad I'll have Marks help this weekend. This is the balls out weekend to get the rest of it done except for stuff you really cant do till like the day you leave you know? This computer room is a mess. There is shit all over the place, I think Mr. Marklar will handling this room today since its his mess. But our new computer is sweet ass I must say. Things just run so much smoother now.

We have to scrub out our fish tank because we are giving back our fish to the pet store, yes you were all right, its too much work for a salt water tank. We're gonna change it to a fresh water when we move in. This girl who works in our office here is gonna take the birds, they've turned out to be nothing more then another chore in the morning. We'll keep the felines thank you very much! :-) They're furry fun! Well I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine is going to be kinda poopy, but thats ok atleast we'll be able to get this done!


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