Bob McGoogle

You smell funny

So I bet your all wondering how our cleaning weekend is going? No? Well listen anyways asshole! Heheh j/j. Its pretty much been hell on Earth here. We started at 3pm yesterday and stopped at 12am. There is still so much to do. My hands hurts from cleansers, my nails are black, my house is a mess, and we are out of boxes yet again. Grrr This sucks ass. Oh well, thats what moving is all about right?

I hope everyone is doing great. I'll try to call Kat soon, I've just been really busy and I dont want her to think I dont care about whats up in her life. My mom is doing great. She comes home today. Mike is on his way to go get her right now. Well time to get back to the grind. Help us!!!!!!!


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