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Is that a girl, or a boy?

Man am I glad this weekend is over! Whew! It was rough there for awhile. Mom is home safely, and doing great. Shes only on Tylenols now! Shes a tough lady. I'd be like "Drugs! Now!" Well this place is almost all done and ready for the move. We painted, packed, and cleaned all weekend. I really hope we get our deposit back, which we should, because our new places needs 842 for half a months rent on Thursday. It never ends does it? Anyways, sounds like some of my friends here didnt have such a great weekend. I wish I could go to the batting cages with Mike. Thats sooo much fun plus its great to relieve stress. I still have to clean the carpet in this one spot where something leaked and try to organize this place a little. Its cool cuz now I can unknot my stomach about mom! Thats always a plus. Well its time to workout again and chug my gallon of water. My advice for today is, never cut your own hair cuz your bored and you see a few split never turns out looking good.


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