Bob McGoogle

Guess whos back? Guess whos back? Guess whos back? Guess whos back..nanana ah ahaha ha

Ok ya'll, we are all moved in and junk..can I hear a yay? YAY! Our new apartment is fucking sweet! Ive been getting up at 530 to go work out, and then do laps for an hour! I rock! Heheh no not really, but you think Im cool right? Sure you do. My brother Mike was nice enough to update for me, thank you sir! I dont have my new modem but today in the mail there was a CD from MSN to use dial up till we get out new modem and you know what? This really isnt that bad. I know if I try to download something, it will be a nightmare but until then I can hang with this. So whats been basically we moved in sat the 19th, that took all day. We partied with our new neighbors that night. Next day we had it all unpacked and junk. Thats about it. Bob says hi, hes blocking the screen right now so Im probably making about a million spelling errors. Hey, thanks Bob! We are going to go get a new BBQ next weekend and probably start to convert our salt water tank over to fresh because we are too fucking lazy to keep up with all that crap. Heres some bad news for you all, I dont think that we are gonna come home for christmas. I think we are just going to have a Leah and Mark holiday special, heheh. Man I hope all this working out pqays off, I think it is. My tummy feels a bit smaller. I hope so with 500 crunches, 300 side crunches, and 50 leg lifts! Plus...1 hour on the stair machine, 3 different machines for my thighs doing 6 sets of ten on each, and stomach crunch machine, balancing on my elbows hanging thingy lifting legs shit crunches thingy, and an hour worth of laps a day. Yeah I think its going to start working here soon, or I need to see a doctor because something is seriously wrong with me. but I know that its going to work, I have faith, and if not Ill have it all sucked out. :-) Ok time to go bug Marklar, Byeeeee!


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