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Guess whos back! Back again..Leahs back tell your friends....guess whos back guess whos back..ok Im done typing that shit. Too long. So I got up butt early today at like 530am to get working out, my plan is to be done by like 715am so when I get a job Ill be able to have enough time to work out in the morning and still make it to work on time. Most places dont even open round here till 9. It was great..listen to this...

So last night Im whining to my mom yet again about my fatty ass, and complaining about how I havent lost any weight yadda yadda, all the while Im shoving sugar cookies with about a pound of fucking frosting in my mouth. Oh yeah...AND SPRINKLES! Geez I need help. You think Im retarded dont you? Yeah I know you do, but you know what? You can eat shit! I cant live off of vegetables! I think once a day having a treat is fine, as long as its not all day your eating cookies you know? Plus I work out enough to kill someone, so SHUT UP! Heheh Just joshing you. So my step sister who is all churchy mcgee got knocked up by a black guy! Hahahahahah The family is freaking and I am loving it! I dont care about interracial relationships but my dad sure as hell does! Hes shitting himself. Hey maybe now I wont be the devils child in his eyes anymore? Nahhhhhh I doubt it. My ear is killing me. Maybe I should lay off my hour of laps for a few days. Ouch it hurts. Well Im gonna go but before I say Ado...heres a tip for the day. If you have access to a hot top ladies, I highly recommend it. :-)


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