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Lets go back to bed

I just read Kats diary...Whoa! You go Kat! Give um hell! I hate stupid people. I cant believe she has to work with such stupid people.

Yesterday was a shitty ass day. We have cry baby neighbors who complained that our tv was too loud to the office so there was a note on our door saying please keep it down. Well heres where it cant be true...our bass is at 9 and trebble at 20 our tv thingys go up to 100! How fucking loud can it be? I keep the tv speakers at 22-27 during the day and they complained? The fucking speakers go up to 100 too! Pussy ass fucking losers. So tonight Mark and I are going to go down there and have a little chat with them. Hopefully they will grow the fuck up and stop whining. This isnt a library, people do live here! You will hear atleast a little bit of noise during the day. Grrr! Then the office sent us a note saying we had to get out of here within 3 days because we owed our rent and it was late. Turns out the idiots in the leasing office forgot to put in the computer that we got

August for free so we had to go straighten out THEIR mistake. Then Jenny Craig people are assholes and giving me the run around and not calling me back. No one is hiring till the end of this month, and my ear keeps getting infected! Dammit! Some days I wonder why the fuck I get up out of bed. Good day.


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